Extreme part of our Galera Travel (Feb 26, 2016)

cropped-dsc_6009.jpgWe stayed at Talipanan Beach which was 3 beaches away from the center (White Beach), though we really liked the peacefulness of the area, we still wanted to experience the night life.

One vendor told us that we can walk along the shore to reach the white beach, so we tried. But man, the struggle was reaaaal!

We’ve climbed a mini mountain, huge rocks (many of this) while raining! We didn’t want to go further due to huge rocks, the rain and may kasama kaming kids! Still, go padin. 




Sabi nalang namin ng ate ko “pag walang hilaw na mangga, magwawala talaga ako!”

After almost 1 hour of walking (and struggle haha!) sinalubong kami ng nagttinda ng manggang hilaw! Hahaha!

As in pag tapak na pag tapak namin sa white beach, may nagtitinda ng manggang hilaw with bagoong and asin na may sili. (Sarap!)

…And this view with a rainbow!


What we encounter here can also be applied to any situation in our life, every struggle has an end, you just have to keep going and see that it was all worth it!


Sun will again come out after the rain. ☺

Until my next blog! ♥







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