La, la, la, Bicolandia!


BICOL (May 13-17, 2016) ♥

A long, extremely awesome vacation in disguise!

We planned to go to Bicol because of PAGCOR 4th Nationwide Photography Competition. My boyfriend is a photography enthusiast and a member of a photography club who competes locally and internationally, the Samahan ng mga Litratista sa Rizal or also known as SLR (Super proud GF here! ☺).

The PAGCOR 4th photography competition theme was “Throwback”, a reminiscent of the Filipinos’ traditional way of life, time-honored cultural practices, food, traits, celebrations and even historical sites.

Before the competition, we knew that many professional or amateur photographers will join the said competition, so we exerted effort, too. Our plan was to capture ancient Filipino practice with a Philippine landmarks as a background, and that’s Mayon Volcano.



We rode a bus in Cubao and the fare going to Albay is PHP750/person (one way). Yes, quite expensive but worth it! ☺ The estimated travel time is 10-12 hours. Actually, it depends on the bus that you will ride. We recommend ALPS and refrain from riding DLTB Co. They will waste your time!


After almost 13 hours on the road, nasa bicol na kami! ☺ We stayed in our Tita’s house in Tabacco. We got there around 10am or 11am. After taking a nap, we planned to walk around to see the place.

There was a small river wherein you can see Mt. Mayon. But during that time, Mayon won’t let us capture her beauty. She’s not yet ready. ☺


We looked around while thinking for our photo concept and took photos, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We went to the most popular and most visited Cagsawa Ruins in Daraga, Albay.



The church was burned down by marauding Dutch in 1636 and was renovated by year 1724. But in 1814, Mayon Volcano tremendously erupted that killed over 2,000 residents and buried the whole church with Lahar. Now, only the tower church remains.


In Daraga, you will not only enjoy the view but their chili ice cream and chili shakes, too! And of course, we did not miss it! Tadaah! Flavored Chili Shakes!


2nd day!

We were scheduled to go home by Sunday because of work, but Mayon won’t let us leave without exploring more of its magnificent places. So we were stranded for 2 days due to unavailability of buses. So, we relaxed and fully enjoyed our stay in Bicol,  kahit lagot kay Boss pag-uwi. ☺

Sunday morning, we headed to the Tabacco, Albay cold spring! Yes, it was really cold! Tagos-to-the-bones ang lamig! But only at your first dip, when your body adjusts or adapts, enjoyment follows!


The spring has small fishes that superstitiously called as “bantay”. They said that whoever catches a fish will lose his mind and become crazy. Quite creepy but we just believed them since we’re just visitors.

We really enjoyed the dip! ☺



Monday morning, we went to the nearby beach in Santo Domingo, Albay.

The beach surprised us by its exquisite sand! The beach has a black sand, dude! Black sand!


It was around 8:30 AM so we had the chance to truly enjoy the waves, the sand and the sun as if it was ours.



After lunch, we headed back to Tabacco, so we will still have time to rest because, we will go back to Manila the next day.

Mom stayed home with the Titas.

So, my boyfriend and I decided not to waste the chance to roam around and take photos.

We went back to the small river again, and captured these…



Stunning, right?


I really fell in love with the place! ♥


Even if we didn’t won in the competition, the experience was superb!

Definitely not the last visit! Truly a vacation in disguise!

Until we meet again, Daragang Mayon!




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