Pinto Art Gallery!

fb_img_1478676818815-01Unplanned date. 10-29-16

Out of the blue, my boyfriend told me that we will visit Pinto Art Gallery and Cloud 9 Hotel & Resorts in Antipolo. I was shocked for a moment, then I immediately said, “YEY!” ☺

Pinto Art Gallery, here we come! 

From Caloocan, we rode at LRT 1 5th avenue station going to Doroteo Jose. Then, rode at LRT 2 going to Santolan Station. After the train ride, we hopped on a van going to Antipolo Church and rode a tricycle to Pinto Art.

Fare and Entrance fee costs per head:

  • LRT 1 – 5th ave to Doroteo Jose – PHP 20.00
  • LRT 2 – Recto to Santolan Station – PHP 25.00
  • Van to Antipolo Church – PHP 40.00
  • Tricycle to Pinto Art Gallery- PHP 30.00
  • Pinto Art Gallery Entrance Fee – PHP 200.00

(NOTE: Students, Senior Citizens and PWDs have a discount around Php 20.00-50.00, just don’t forget to bring your IDs)

At the Galery

Upon entering the museum gate, you will have to fall in line and pay entrance fee at the cashier. Then, the cashier staff will give you a ticket and a map. If you have a bag pack, the guard will approach you and ask you to proceed to the baggage area. Small bags or hand bags can be carried around the museum. Just bring your valuable things with you.

Time to roam around!


Pinto Art Museum has over 300 modern art pieces such as paintings, sculpture and art installations created by our local artists.

According to Wikipilipinas, Pinto the Filipino word for door, serves as the gateway for modern and contemporary art.  It is a project of Silangan Foundation for Arts, Culture, and Ecology, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Philippine arts and culture and led by  a neurologist, Dr. Joven Cuanang.

Number of visitors vary based on the day of the week. We visited here Saturday afternoon, and you know what to expect during weekends, right? Not really a problem, though.

Here’s a slideshow of how it looks inside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The place has a modern Hispanic ambiance, with lots of wooden doors, stairs and if you are a nature or an art lover, you will really enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the gallery. A 2 or 3 hours in here will make you feel relaxed.



Actually, I am a frustrated painter. Haha! I love to paint since I was a kid.☺♥  So being in a exquisite place with lots of painting like this, made me genuinely happy.

Until my next blog! ☺♥                                                                                         




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